A First! Cuba Registers A Child With Two Mothers

Cuba has issued a birth certificate that recognises two mothers of a child, which is an unprecedented event in Cuban law.

After almost a year long battle to register their son, Dachelys Valdés and Hope Bastian obtained the birth certificate in which both appear as mothers, reported the blog Q de Cuir.

Paulo Cesar Bastian was born in Florida, where the mothers made use of the assisted reproduction service, an almost impossible procedure for a couple of women in Cuba.

In the United States, the family started the process to register Paulo as the son of a Cuban citizen born outside the island.

Without acknowledging marriage between women, the Havana justice ministry has agreed to put “mother and mother” in the Cuban certificate which mirrors the original birth certificate, issued at the Florida hospital where he was born.

The document, in the mothers’ opinion, confirms that the laws act in the best interests of the child, that the Cuban Constitution protects the fact that people form their families as they wish and that they cannot be discriminated against for any reason.

Hope said, this “is a very important step because it is the first time that the Cuban State recognises that there can be children with two mothers. Today the State recognises that Cuban families have many different constructions, that they are legitimate and legal.”

Photo: @dachelys.valdesmoreno/Facebook

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