Anti-Trans Bill Considered By Russia Lawmakers

A bill was submitted to the Russian Duma is proposing changes that would specifically put transgender individuals at risk. 

The bill — “Strengthen and Protect Family Institutions” — includes a number of proposed changes that include the addition of a “sex at birth” indication on birth certificates. This field would not be able to be changed, and the proposed legislation would require people who have already changed their birth certificate to amend it with the “original” information.

A birth certificate would be required to register a marriage if the bill is passed. Because of the “sex at birth” provision, trans individuals would not be able to marry because the marriage would be considered same-sex. 

Same-sex marriages that have been registered abroad would not be recognized in Russia, as well. 

“We are deeply concerned by such a harsh intrusion into private lives of individuals and stand in sincere support and solidarity with all transgender, bisexual and homosexual people. It is clear that the proposed changes violate people’s rights and freedoms,” said the Russian LGBT Network in a press release. 

It is unclear how this legislation would affect trans people who are already married, according to the Russian LGBT Network press release.

The Duma is expected to have the first hearing on the bill in September.

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