Bank Shuts Gay Conversion Therapy Charity Accounts

A Christian charity and practioner of gay conversion therapy says Barclays Bank is closing its bank accounts after online pressure.

The Core Issues Trust has come under increased scrutiny over recent weeks as the UK Government pledges to ban ‘conversion therapy’.

Gay conversion treatments have been condemned by all major UK medical, psychological and counselling organisations. They attempt to shame a person into denying a core part of who they are, and this can have a seriously damaging impact on their mental health and wellbeing.

Mike Davidson, the founder of the Core Issues Trust, told Premier Christian News and added that he was given no reason. He added, “If I was to be asked to speculate, I think it’s important to recognise that Barclays features very highly on Stonewall’s employer list, I think it’s number 30. So, it’s very clearly a priority,” he said. “Barclays Bank affects Stonewall’s agenda, basically. And of course, it’s well known that Barclays is a strong supporter of pride in London.” 

Barclays refused to comment.

Davidson said that the cancellation of their accounts “appears to be in response to social media demands”. He noted: “It is possible to track a Twitter conversation between several LGBT activists and others who are demanding that Barclays close our accounts. So this is not speculation.” 

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