BBC Flooded With Complaints Over Same-Sex Dancers

Unsurprisingly the BBC has been forced to defend its decision to have a same-sex couple on this year’s series of Strictly Come Dancing following complaints from the public.

The next series is due to start in October, with Olympic boxer Nicola Adams forming one half of the competition’s first ever same-sex dancing partnership.

More than 100 people have complained about the move, prompting the corporation to release a statement on the matter.

Strictly Come Dancing is an inclusive show and is proud to have featured same sex dancing amongst the professional dancers in group numbers in previous series,” said the BBC.

“We have stated, in the past, that we are open to the prospect of including same sex pairings between our celebrities and professional dancers, should the opportunity arise. Nicola Adams requested an all-female pairing, which we are happy to facilitate.”

8 thoughts on “BBC Flooded With Complaints Over Same-Sex Dancers

  1. The same sex pairing is right and correct and to not include this would keep the show and the BBC Out of step with our lives as they have evolved over the years

  2. Of course there should be same sex pairings on strictly and sad that so many people feel that it’s ok to complain. Back in the day women would dance with each other without comment. These complaints are motivated by homophobia.

  3. How many millions watch Strictly?

    But 100 complaints is a ‘flood‘?


    Great, misleading headline -like most of them in this silly rag.

    And how come we never get to comment on some of your other one-sided headlines?

    Great journalism. Used to work for the Guardian or BBC?

  4. I want to see 2 gay guys dancing together and not 2 women as 2 women dancing together is socially acceptable as it is – whereas 2 men would really stir things up for those bigoted scared homophobes… and we all know exactly who and why they are homophobic.

  5. Why don’t some people reserve their complaints for important issues. They don’t have to watch the programme if it offends their tiny, narrow, bigoted minds. Why not complain about the cost of the licence fee, especially with all the repeats the BBC are screening.

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