Birmingham University Must Apologise For LGBTs Electric Shock Treatment

Hundreds of people are backing a petition to demand an apology from the University of Birmingham for involvement in conversion therapy for LGBTs in the 1970s.

There have been 864 signatures added to the petition, which was launched after BBC reporter Ben Hute spoke to a survivor of gay ‘conversion therapy’ who was given electric shock therapy at the university. 

The man, who wants to remain anonymous, revealed he had been referred to a clinical psychologist at the University of Birmingham for electric shock therapy and more victims have since come forward since the report was published in December. 

This is what the signatories had to say in support of the demand. 

Luke Warren said: “UoB must accept responsibility for this terrible event and explicitly apologise, denounce all such anti-LGBT+ practices and positions (both nationally and worldwide), actively compensate those affected and make changes to ensure that such cruel things can never happen again. 

“This is extra pertinent given their announced establishment of a campus in Dubai, who have laws specifically to punish and ostracize members of the LGBTQ+ community for simply existing.”

The University has acknowledged that the inhumane practice once took place there but has not yet apologised to the victims. 

Its statement said: “We understand the terrible impact that conversion therapy has on individuals and would like to reiterate that the University unreservedly condemns this practice.

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