Covid19 Impacting on LGBTs Mental Health

The fantastic LGBT Foundation says it has found disturbing evidence the pandemic is causing “profound suffering” for LGBT+ people.

High levels of isolation and limited access to support is taking its toll on the mental health of those affected.

Whilst the impact that the crisis is having on some minority groups, including black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) and disabled people, has been more widely recognised, LGBT+ communities have been absent from much of the narrative.

There research uncovered some of the wide-ranging and profound effects the pandemic has had on the lives of LGBT+ people in areas such as mental health; isolation; substance misuse; eating disorders; living in unsafe environments; financial impact; homelessness; access to healthcare; and access to support.

The survey found:

• 42% would like to access support for their mental health at this time

• 8% do not feel safe where they are currently staying

• 18% are concerned that this situation is going to lead to substance or alcohol misuse or trigger a relapse

• 64% said that they would rather receive support during this time from an LGBT specific organisation

• 16% had been unable to access healthcare for non-Covid related issues

• 34% of people have had a medical appointment cancelled

• 23% were unable to access medication or were worried that they might not be able to access medication

One survey respondent shared –

“I’m transgender but not out, my parents are transphobic, having to pretend to be someone i’m not all the time is physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually exhausting”
Click here to download the report

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