Eric Trump Is NOT Gay – Thank Goodness For That

President Donald Trump’s son Eric, speaking on one of his father’s favourite TV, told viewers he was a member of the LGBT+ community.


“I’m telling you, I see it every day, the LGBT community, they are incredible and you should see how they’ve come out in full force for my father every single day,” he answered. “I’m part of that community and we love the man and thank you for protecting our neighborhoods and thank you for protecting our cities.”

Many viewers thought Trump had come out, to the point that he issued a statement:

“To clarify, many of our close friends are part of the LGBT community, which was the intent of my statement — the left has taken that vote for granted for a long time and support from the gay community for my father is incredible. As to me personally, as I think you know, I am a happily married man to my wife, Lara.”

Trump said he’s also not bisexual.

Social media was quick to react, as always, with many suggesting the executive vice president of the Trump organization and member of the first family would not be welcome in the gay community, because of the president’s stances on issues affecting it.

But our favourite was George Takei.

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