French Cabinet Minster Comes Out & Takes Aim At Polish Homophobia

French Minister for European Affairs Clément Beaune publicly came out as gay in an interview with French gay magazine Têtu, in which he also promised to support LGBT+ communities in Poland.  

“I am gay, and I have no problem saying it,” he said and added he wanted to show his homosexuality was “not an obstacle” to becoming a minister.

Beaune promised he would visit a Polish “LGBT-free” zone early next year.

Hundreds of Polish municipalities have declared themselves “LGBT-free” zones.

“I wouldn’t want people to say I am fighting against “LGBT-free” zones because I am gay,” said Beaune, “It would be insulting to say I am leading that fight for myself.”

“However, as European affairs minister, I have an additional responsibility. I must fight for tolerance,” he added.

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