G-A-Y Owner Launches Scathing Attack On Government & Super Saturday

The owner of London’s iconic club G-A-Y, has not minced his words over last nights overcrowding in Soho – and he has one direction for his anger – the government for easing lockdown restrictions too early.

Jospeh was just one of many people who have spoken out over the huge crowds gathered in LGBT+ area of Soho.

In a statement posted to Facebook, Joseph described the easing of lockdown restrictions as “a complete disaster”.

“One can hope it was a one off, but inside venues was a different story,” he said. “It was seated, screens in between tables, limited numbers inside and background music.”

He said it was “obvious” that the streets in London would be packed, and slammed the government for significantly easing lockdown restrictions on a Saturday.

“It should have been a soft opening on Monday,” he said.


Joseph said the only way bars can survive is if customers adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Pictures : Twitter

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