Gay Liberation Front Take To The Streets To Mark 50 Years Of Fighting

Eleven of the last surviving activists from the London Gay Liberation Front, 1970-74, some in their 70s and 80s, marched in London on Saturday 27 June to celebrate the 50th anniversary of GLF and to reclaim Pride with political demands. 

See the veteran’s demands and quotes below.

This year’s Pride in London parade on 27 June had been cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic. But the GLF veterans marched anyway on the same day, along the same route, that the official Pride parade was due to follow. 

The march was coordinated by Peter Tatchell who was an activist in GLF. 

GLF was formed in 1970 and ignited the modern LGBT+ protest movement in the UK. 

The veterans and 15 supporters wore face masks and ensured social distancing. They began outside the BBC and followed the planned official Pride route down Regent Street, Piccadilly Circus and Haymarket to Trafalgar Square, where there were speeches from GLF veterans. 

Putting politics back into Pride, the five demands of the GLF Pride march were: 

1. End UK detention & deportation of LGBT+ asylum seekers

2. Let people define their own gender, not doctors or the state

3. Mandatory LGBT+ education in every school 

4. Religion! Hands off women’s & LGBT+ bodies

5. Solidarity with Black Lives Matter & LGBT+ people of colour worldwide

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