HEART-WARMING: Netflix’s ‘Say I Do’ Is Queer Eye For Weddings

They didn’t think a wedding was possible, but gay couple, Randy and Skyler, finally make it up the aisle in the heartwarming Netflix reality show Say I Do.

The new show comes from the producers of Netflix favourite Queer Eye. In it, three gay experts help plan spectacular weddings for eight deserving couples.

Each episode spotlights a different couple who hasn’t had their dream wedding for various – sometimes heartbreaking – reasons.

The new experts we will no doubt fall in love with like the Fab Five are fashion designer Thai Nguyen, chef Gabriele Bertaccini, and interior designer Jeremiah Brent. The men help one half of each couple plan a personalised wedding and surprise the other.

Two gay couples feature in the show’s eight episodes, including US couple Randy and Skyler in Say I Do‘s season finale.

The pair have been together for seven years and engaged for two. But their dream wedding has eluded them. Randy explains his insecurities with his sexuality and being out and proud.

When he told his mother about his engagement, Randy was left devastated when she said, “You are a bad brother, a bad uncle and your soul is black.”

Randy goes on to explain he’s never felt comfortable holding his partner’s hand in public

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