London Mayor Enjoyed Being Chatted Up By Men On Clapham Common

The straight London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, says gay men used to chat him up on Clapham Common and he rather enjoyed the ego boost it gave him.

The Mayor revealed that when he was younger one of his closest friends lived near the south London common – a notorious cruising spot for gay men.

 He said he was often mistook for someone looking for an outdoor romp.

When the former human rights lawyer strolled through the park with his mates he says was often eyed up by some hopeful lads. 

The happily married father-of-two joked: “Often, I’m not embarrassed to admit, I was chatted up. It’s quite nice for your ego.”

But he said the real danger in the park was not from gay men but from violent gay-bashing homophobes. 

Mr Khan, 49, speaking to the Homo Sapiens podcast said, “The ‘gay bashing’ was a serious threat on Clapham Common and so I experienced both what it was like in terms of great nightlife for people from the LGBT+ community for gay young men in south London, where I grew up, and the dangers of people being beaten up because of who they were. 

“And I could relate to that because of the colour of my skin because I’d been called the P word.” 

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