Majority Of Public Want Conversion Therapy Banned

A clear majority of the public say gay ‘conversion therapy’ should be banned.

The findings come as campaigners call on the government to announce a ban next week, after two years of promises and delays.

The government promised two years ago to ban the vile quack therapy that damages LGBTs. However, no legislation has been announced let alone introduced

62% of those surveyed by YouGov, on behalf of the Ozanne Foundation, which campaigns to end conversion therapy, said that they support a ban. 

Only 14% said they do not, with the rest saying that they do not know.

Those with a religious affiliation were only slightly less likely to want a ban, with 57% in favour, versus 15% who are not. 

It’s thought Equalities Minister, Liz Truss, is still finalising plans for a ban, which have yet to be signed off by the cabinet. 

However, Parliament breaks for its summer holiday next week, which almost certainly means another delay.

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