Majority Of UK LGBTs Showed Stress & Depression In Lockdown

More than two-thirds of LGBT+ people exhibited significant symptoms of depression during lockdown.

The Queerantine study, carried out by the University of Sussex and University College London, details the lockdown experiences of LGBTs reveals the confinement of lockdown was particularly difficult for younger people aged 18-24 who reported significantly poorer mental health than individuals in older age groups.

More than a quarter of respondents (26.1%) regularly felt their difficulties were piling up so high they could not be overcome—with that fear particularly prevalent among younger people. Almost half (46.8%) felt they were unable to control the important things in life fairly often.

The study also reveals transgender and gender diverse (TGGD) individuals found lockdown hardest with more than eight in ten exhibiting depressive symptomatology.

Dr. Becares, Senior Lecturer in Applied Social Science at the University of Sussex, said: “Our study found high levels of stress and depressive symptoms, particularly among younger and transgender and gender diverse respondents. These associations were partially explained by experiences of harassment which had a large, consistent and pernicious impact on mental health.”

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