More Delays To Gay Conversion Therapy Ban

The UK prime minister, Boris Johnson, has called gay conversion therapy ‘abhorrent,’ but is not promising legislation to outlaw it just yet. The government first promised to ban the vile practice more than two years ago.

Instead the PM told Sky News a new study would be carried out before formulating plans to ban it.

Last week the UN called for a global ban and described the quack practice as ‘based on the false and wholly unscientific belief that people who do not adhere to culturally prescribed norms regarding identity, are ill, and that their sexual orientation or gender identity can and should be changed.’

The UK government promised a ban in July 2018 having conducted a study as part of its LGBT Action Plan.

LGBT+ Rights Campaigner, Peter Tatchell, has called for an immediate ban. He said: “The government has said this is a complex issue and they may be right but Germany, parts of the US and Australia have managed to ban it. While Boris Johnson and Liz Truss procrastinate, people continue to be damaged by this quack practice.”

The long awaited responses to the Gender Recognition Act has also been delayed. It was expected before parliament goes into recess tomorrow (Tuesday).

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