New BBC Boss Says Equal Marriage Will Lead To Marrying Dogs

Boris Johnson’s pick to be the new Chairman of the BBC once argued that Equal Marriage legislation would lead to people being allowed marry their dog.

The article in the Spectator penned by former Telegraph Editor Charles Moore mused on the consequences of equality, “I wonder if the law will eventually be changed to allow one to marry one’s dog.”

The official biographer to the late Lady Thatcher, said: “Looking forward, as one always must, I wonder if the law will eventually be changed to allow one to marry one’s dog. Until now, this would have been considered disgusting, since marriage has been a law revolving around sexual behaviour, and sexual acts with animals are still, I believe, illegal. But, as this column has pointed out, the unintended consequence of the same-sex marriage legislation has been to take sex out of marriage law. Civil servants, unable to define same-sex consummation, omitted it. So marriage, from now on, can mean no more than the legally registered decision of two people to live together while not being married to anyone else.”×

Mr Moore added: “The justification for this is ‘equality’, buttressed by the idea that love must carry all before it. People often love their dogs very much and want to spend their life with them. So why should they not, chastely, marry them?”

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