New Restaurant Owned & Operated Entirely By Trans Staff

A new restaurant is fully owned and operated by transgender community members. And it’s a huge hit the owners are considering a second eatery.

The Covai Trans Kitchen, in India’s Coimbatore district, was founded by 10 members of the local transgender association in response to the Covid-fuelled joblessness that was seriously hurting the local trans community. 

Initially, the restaurant struggled to find a location due to transphobic prejudices. 

“Our restaurant is the first in the state that is run entirely run by the transgender community members,” Sangeetha told Indian Express. “People were hesitant to provide us a space for rent, some of them told [us] they are not sure how we are going to run a restaurant all by ourselves as it has not been done before. After a long struggle, with the help of a lawyer, we found a place in RS Puram.”

However, Covai Trans Kitchen hasn’t had any issues finding clientele. 

“Public and local media has been very kind to us. With their support, we are able to attract more customers. We have started receiving bulk orders, up to 15 kilograms of biryani is sold on a daily basis,” Sangeetha said.

Sangeetha already had experience running her own canteen for 15 years. Meanwhile, other staff members received training in catering services from CSI Bishop Appasamy College of Arts and Science. 

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