Ofsted To Mark Down Schools Not Teaching Same-Sex Education

Schools failing to teach about same-sex relationships risk being marked down by inspectors.

Oftsed says, from next Summer, a secondary school that does not teach about same-sex relationships will be judged as not meeting the statutory guidance. 

It will receive a leadership and management judgment of no better than ‘requires improvement’.

This could also happen at primary schools if Ofsted decides the school is not meeting the guidelines, according to a report published by the education watchdog.

It says: ‘From the start of summer term 2021, if a primary school does not teach about LGBT relationships, this will not have an impact on the leadership and management judgment as long as the school can satisfy inspectors that it has still fulfilled the requirements of the DfE’s statutory guidance.

‘If it cannot do this, for example if it has failed to consult with parents, inspectors will consider this when making the leadership and management judgment.

‘The school will not ordinarily receive a judgment for this better than ‘requires improvement’.’ 

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