Police Break Up ‘Unofficial’ Pandemic Pride Event

An unofficial Pride gathering on Clapham Common has been broken upon by police.

The Met Police said shortly before 11pm on Saturday night they attended the ‘unlicensed music event’ and were dispersed those in attendance. It is unclear how many people were involved but some accounts put it at 500.

There was plenty of criticism on social media with plenty of LGBTs describing it as an ‘unauthorised Pride gathering.’ One London policeman who tweets was highly critical.

The Common was strewn with rubbish that had mostly been cleared by ten on Sunday morning.

Saturday was meant to be the Pride In London parade. The pandemic has seen most Pride events for this year cancelled, including London, but that didn’t stop the Clapham gathering.

The mess left behind after Saturday’s gathering

June 2020 marks the official 50th anniversary of LGBT+ traditions

Photos: Twitter

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