Putin Mocks LGBT+ Pride Flag Hung From US Embassy In Moscow

Russian President Vladimir Putin has mocked the LGBT+ pride flag hung from the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, suggesting it reflected on the orientation of the diplomats.

Putin told a video conference, “Let them celebrate. They’ve shown a certain something about the people who work there.”

Putin on Friday signed amendments to the Constitution backed by a national vote that include a clause on marriage being between a man and a woman, aimed at preventing legalisation of gay unions.

The president said Friday however that Russia does not discriminate against people on the basis of sexual orientation.

He said a law banning promotion of homosexual relationships to minors, which he signed in 2013 to a storm of international condemnation aimed simply to prevent the “foisting” of such relationships on children.

The law has been used as a pretext to ban gay pride events. 

“Let a person grow up, become an adult and decide his own path himself. You just shouldn’t impose anything,” Putin insisted.

He said that “those who attack us on this basis are just trying to break down an open door.”

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