Remembering: A Fantastic HIV Milestone

The LGBT+ newspaper for the San Francisco area was well known for carrying pages and pages of obituaries for people who died of HIV/Aids. But 22 years ago this week something changed.

It was two years after the introduction of combination therapy and it was the first time in almost fifteen-years the newspaper had no obits. Nobody in the Bay Area had died that week.

It marked an incredible turn in the virus, proving that it was not the death sentence it once had been.

The Director of NAM AidsMap, Matthew Hodson, said, “Effective HIV treatment is one of the greatest achievements of modern medical science. Someone who is diagnosed promptly and with access to treatment should have the same life expectancy as someone without the virus.”

“HIV treatment not only prevents illness and death, it also prevents transmission. Someone who is undetectable on treatment can’t pass the virus on during sex, whether or not condoms are used.”

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