Sex, Social Distancing & Covid19

The British Association for Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH) have released guidance on sex and social distancing in the time of COVID, which is available in full here.

The guidance basically outlines that sexual contact should only take place if:

  • Sexual partners live within the same household
  • Sexual partners have not been exposed to COVID-19
  • Sexual partners are not in a high-risk group

Sex with yourself if the safest option! Masturbation (“wanking”) is excellent for your physical and mental wellbeing!

You should avoid close contact — including sex — with anyone outside your household.  Avoid physical group sex; video dates, phone sex, sexting or chat rooms may be options for you.  Irrespective of symptoms, if you or sexual partner has a medical condition that may lead to a more severe illness with COVID-19, you should avoid sex.

If you do end up having sex, there are ways you can make it safer, such as using condoms and dental dams, avoiding kissing and rimming (mouth to anus), and washing before and after sex.

If you have symptoms that you think are related to an STI, or that you might need PEP (HIV post-exposure prophylaxis) you can still access your local sexual health service.