Soccer Team Walk Off Pitch After Gay Player Abused

The San Diego Loyal soccer team quit its match after one of their players was subjected to vile homophobia by an opponent.

Out midfielder Collin Martin was the target of an alleged homophobic slur.

“It got personal pretty fast,” Martin told Yahoo Sports. “He used some bad language toward me and it got to the point where I was like, ‘Wow, this guy is super disrespectful.’ ”

The problem started over a late first-half yellow card that resulted in a San Diego free kick. Phoenix Rising forward Junior Flemmings started raging with Martin.

“[He] called me ‘batty boy,’ which I knew basically translates to faggot,” Martin said.

“When I heard that I lost it,” says Loyal Head Coach Landon Donovan. “Because I know what this team has gone through, I know how hard it was for them to even take the field.”

Wednesday night’s incident comes following a game last week against LA Galaxy II, when a Loyal player was called a racial slur.

“For it to happen again a week later was just devastating for me,” said Donovan.

In both instances, the Loyal left the field in protest, and forfeited the game.

“Our players in the heat of the moment and the passion of the moment still wanted to play.”

The two losses cost them points in the standings, and a USL playoff spot.

“Listen, when we are all on our death bed no one is going to remember if we beat Phoenix 3 to 1 at home. No one is going to remember that, but they will remember that they stood up for something they believed in, and they supported their teammate. They supported what’s right.”

Flemmings released a statement saying it was a false accusation by the Loyal, and he’s very disappointed.

Donovan says although his team will not be in the playoffs, he doesn’t regret any of the actions his team took the last two games.

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