Trump Jr Riles Up His Dad’s Fans With Vile Anti-Trans Rant

The President’s son Donald Jr. riled up the crowd that eventually stormed the Capitol yesterday with a rant about transgender women.

Speaking before his father addressed the crowd at Wednesday’s MAGA protest against Congress certifying the presidential election, Trump Jr. brought up gender-neutral language as well as transgender women participating in sports as women.

“Thank you for standing up to the bullshit!” Trump Jr. told the crowd.

“They spent money on a study that came to the incredible conclusion yesterday that trans women playing female sports have a competitive advantage,” he said, gesturing incredulously to the crowd.

“No shit!” he yelled as the crowd cheered.

Then Fox News cut off video of his speech as he continued to rant about trans women.

Later that day, the crowd would go to on to attack the Capitol, which had to be evacuated. Four people died during the armed attack and over 50 have been arrested so far.

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