UK Government Told Ban Conversion Therapy NOW!

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Global LGBT+ Rights wrote has told the government to end so-called “conversion therapy” without delay.  

Although the UK Government has repeatedly committed to end this abhorrent practice – condemned across the world by medical professionals, human rights experts, and religious leaders – there has been little or no progress despite a promise to do so almost two years ago. 

Even the Church of England has backed the move.

So-called “conversion therapy” is a dangerous and cruel practice which has an ongoing and devastating impact on the wellbeing of those who have been subject to it. The complexities involved in creating a robust and holistic plan to end so-called “conversion therapy” is not an excuse for inaction. 

APPG’s Website

Crispin Blunt MP, Chair of the APPG on Global LGBT+ Rights said:

The UK must legislate without delay to ban so-called “conversion therapy”. Delay leaves vulnerable people, meeting what for most is the most profound self-identification challenge of their lives, at the mercy of every conceivable type of quack and religious fundamentalist offering them false truths and certainties when they are at their most uncertain and anxious. The grim suicide statistics of this group tells its own story. Further delay would be an unconscionable betrayal of them.

Baroness Barker, Vice-Chair of the APPG on Global LGBT+ Rights added that:

It is unthinkable that in the UK it remains legal to offer so-called “conversion therapy” to LGBT+ people. We do not need to be ‘cured’. What we urgently require is primary legislation that equips those vulnerable to this abhorrent practice with a clear deterrent that they can cite as a form of self-defence.

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