With Their Club Shut, Drag Queens Are Delivering Food & A Show To Your Door

A popular San Francisco cabaret club is making the best of the pandemic restrictions with a meal delivery service that offers a lot more than just food and drinks. 

D’Arcy Drollinger, who owns Oasis, started a new initiative coined Meals on Heels that delivers homemade, restaurant-quality food along with cocktails and a socially distant drag performance.

“The show must go on!” Drollinger told CNN. “It’s like doing a drag show. If your zipper breaks or the DJ loses your song, you’ve got to figure out what to do. Put some duct tape on it and keep going.”

Drollinger didn’t want to have to lay off all of his staff and still have to pay rent. When it was announced that bars could deliver alcohol if they also delivered food, he diversified and now, it’s become a staple of San Fran life.

“It brings so much joy to people who haven’t left their house for a long time,” Drollinger said. “And it’s also providing some income for a lot of the performers who had at least half, if not all, of their income come from the drag shows that suddenly got taken away completely.”

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