11 arrested as Police prevent Pride gathering in Istanbul

Several LGBTI+ activists were exposed to police violence in İstanbul.

The activists were planning to issue a press statement welcoming Pride Month, however, police blocked them with violence, and 11 people were detained.

The LGBT+ activists were beaten on the police bus before they were taken to the station for processing.

Up to 200 police attacked the gathering. The press statement that the activists could not make was about celebrating the Pride March and also protesting the oppressive policies of the government.

“We LGBTIQA+ people are on the streets again. Our voices, laughter, and slogans echo in these streets. We are here with our identities, orientations, queerness, and all our existences. We don’t care about threats, pressure, borders, and bans. Our guide is the intersectional queer and transfeminist politics, we are here with our bodies, our language, and our desires. We are here with our resistance!”

“We will be equal”

“We call to all segments of society: Without us LGBTIQA+s, neither an egalitarian constitution nor a peaceful society can be achieved. We repeat: sexual orientation and gender identity have to be recognized in the constitution, we will be equal, and you will be equal with us! You will be equal with us whether you want it or not. Patriarchal phobic murders will not remain unpunished, and we will have access to rights such as hormones and shelter.”