Casual Sex In The UK Is Discouraged! Again!

Health Secretary Matt Hancock and Sky News Anchor Kay Burley became rather giggly as they discussed the Government’s casual sex ban and when it will end.

Hancock is urging Brits to comply with the casual sex ban as it desperately fights the spread of Covid19.

Matt Hancock said people need to “be careful” and “sensible”, and they should only have sex with someone they’re in an “established relationship” with.

The Health Secretary and Sky News journalist Kay Burley became rather giggly as they debated casual sex. 

Government guidelines were quietly updated recently to allow couples who don’t live together to meet up and have sex, although the guidance still bans casual sex. 

The Health Secretary gave the warning on Thursday as the Government’s new lockdown restrictions, including wider face mask use and a 10pm curfew for pubs, are set to come into effect in England in a bid to slow the second wave of Covid-19.

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