Costa Rica Legalises Same-Sex Weddings. At Last!

Now it’s Costa Rica. 

The first central American country has embraced same sex marriage.  

After a protracted legal battle the country’s supreme court gave the Legislative Assembly a deadline of May 26 to make the change or else it would go into effect automatically.

Conservative lawmakers had proposed a bill to defy the court and delay marriage equality for another 18 months, but it did not pass the legislature.

No further legislative action is necessary; next Tuesday, the parts of Costa Rica’s family code that ban marriage equality will be invalid.

“Equal marriage is a legal reality in our country. That will not change,” Enrique Sánchez of the Citizen Action Party said. “The Inter-American Court and the Constitutional Chamber have made this clear.”

In 2018, Costa Rica’s supreme court decided that the ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional and gave the legislature 18 months to implement the ruling.

Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Uruguay have already implemented marriage equality. Mexico allows same-sex marriages in 18 of 33 states its capital.

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