COVID19: UK HIV Transmission Broken During Lockdown!

The U.K. is seeing a huge reduction in new STI cases with the HIV chain “broken,” in what sexual health advocates are calling a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Because of fewer hook-ups during the last five weeks of the U.K.’s COVID-19 lockdown measures, London-based sexual health service 56 Dean Street says HIV transmissions have plummeted.

“Fewer hook-ups since lockdown has resulted in a huge reduction of HIV and other STIs,” 56 Dean Street’s David Stuart has shared on Twitter.

“It’s broken a chain of onward infections that’s been relentless & consistent for decades; this gives us an unprecedented opportunity – to literally interrupt an epidemic (or two.)”

The London-based organisation is now urging, in particular gay and bi men, to order home testing kits.

“COVID-19 presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity in the fight against HIV. In the last few weeks, HIV transmission has dropped dramatically,” they write on their website.

“Because there are less people having sex in London, less people are catching HIV. What’s more, when someone first catches the virus, they are super infectious and more likely to pass on HIV than normal.

“But because there aren’t many super infectious people around, this has reduced transmission even further.

Adding simply: “We may never have this opportunity again.”

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