COVID19: Sex Club Closes After Right Wing Backlash

A famous backroom gay sex club has been closed by police for violating coronavirus restrictions.

The club has recently been the focus of local right wing groups angered by COVID safety measures who publicly criticised a ‘gay venue’ for being allowed to stay open..

Health officials in South Lancing, Michigan, said part Fantasies Unlimited and Club Tabu had been open in violation of Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s emergency COVID-19 order. 

“There’s a club in the back room which has been opening and there’s a lot of close contact. No way they are 6 feet apart,” said health commissioner Linda Veil.

Club Tabu describes itself as a “men’s alternative lounge” on its website. 

The operation is not on the list of essential businesses allowed to be open under Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s emergency orders, Vail said. As of Friday night, the business had not been cited for violating the emergency orders, Vail said.


Club Tabu recently caught the attention of some in the right-wing media, who used the fact that the business remained open as a weapon for attacking Whitmer’s order.

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