Dad Sued IVF Clinic For Using His Sperm To Help Gay Couples

49-year-old Neil Gaskell has sued an IVF clinic after he was told his sperm was used to conceive nine children to same sex couples.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror he said his decision had nothing to do with “bigotry” or “discrimination” – he just wanted children conceived from his sperm to have a mother and father.

He eventually settled on a five-figure payout from the CARE Fertility Clinic that contacted him six years later to say “mistakes may have been made”.

He said: “It’s not about discrimination, it’s not about bigotry.

“I accept some people will find it uncomfortable but I wanted any children born from my sperm to have a mother and a father.

“I accept what I said will be divisive, but these children are what matters the most. A lot of people will strongly agree with me, a lot will strongly disagree, but my concern is for the kids.

“I didn’t want them being questioned. I didn’t want people making comments like ‘Where’s your dad?’ or ‘Why do you have two mums?’

“It takes a man and a woman to create a child. You can’t argue with millions of years of biology.”


Photo : Sunday Mirror

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