Football Black List Announces New LGBT+ Awards

The Football Black List has announced plans to recognise LGBT+ and black disabled people with dedicated awards in annual celebration

It follows a successful campaign led by Sky Sports News presenter, Jessica Creighton, for the highly respected awards night to specifically pay tribute to the Black LGBT+ community in the game.

In a call to the Football Black List, the sports presenter called for recognition of the LGBT+ community, “Black LGBT+ people are constantly having to weigh up what parts of ourselves to reveal, and what parts to keep hidden in case it’s not safe for us to be ourselves.”

The co-founder of Football Black List, Leon Mann, said, “intersectionality is vital to recognise, to celebrate, to support and show that people within our black community have different experiences.”

The Football Black List highlights black industry professionals who are positive influencers. The initiative is designed to shine a light on role models for the next generation as a way of helping to diversify the industry. 

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