Graham Norton: Strictly’s Same-Sex Dancers May Confuse

Graham Norton says he has concerns that same-sex competitive partnerships on Strictly Come Dancing might confuse the show’s judging panel.

Olympic boxer Nicola Adams will be the show’s first contestant to compete with a professional partner of the same sex when the hit show returns next month.

In the past, openly gay contestants have still performed in mixed-sex partnerships on Strictly.

Speaking to Best magazine, Norton said: “As you have people who can be openly gay on that show, I don’t ­particularly need to see a man dancing with a man.”

Explaining that he knew the decision by BBC bosses came from a “good place”, the TV host admitted that he was worried the difference in partnerships might “muddy the waters” when it came to judging.

“If you’ve got two partners who can do lifts and men’s bodies are different shapes, how would that work?”, he questioned.

“I don’t think it’s a homophobic thing. You want to be able to compare like with like.”

Strictly is expected to return in October and will run for a slightly shorter nine-week season this year due to the pandemic.

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