Hard Hit LGBT+ Venues In London Offered Lifeline

Emergency funding for some of London’s hardest hit LGBT+ venues is being offered by the capital’s mayor.

The impact of the pandemic has been catastrophic for LGBTQ+ venues. They were forced to close their doors to stop the spread on Covid-19, but are still incurring ongoing costs with no money coming in.

Eleven of the hardest hit venues across seven London boroughs have received grants from the Mayor’s Culture at Risk Business Support Fund of between £5,000 and £23,000 to help in the short-term with rent, staffing and supplier costs.

Further City Hall funding is being promised in the coming months.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: “The pandemic has had a significant impact on our LGBTQ+ venues, which we know play a vital role in supporting the community, acting as a safe haven where they can feel comfortable and free to be who they are. That’s why we’ve been working hard to protect these spaces and why city hall is providing investment and support at a critical time for our venues to help secure a future for our vibrant LGBTQ+ scene across the capital.”

Owner of West Five Bar in Ealing, Bal Sidhu, said: “This has helped us create a buffer to be able to establish payment plans. This truly gave venue owners who are mostly individuals and not necessarily part of larger organisations, some much needed light at the end of the tunnel”

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