Neo-Nazi Who Tortured Gay People Dies in Prison of Suicide

Maxim Martsinkevich, the 36-year-old Neo-Nazi founder of Occupy Pedophilia, a Russian vigilante group that tortured suspected gay teenagers on video, has reportedly committed suicide while serving a 10-year prison sentence in Siberia for an unrelated violent offence.

Martsinkevich—the founder of a Russian Neo-Nazi group called Format 18 (18 being an alphanumeric code representing the first and eighth letters of the alphabet, “A” and “H” for Adolf Hitler)—had been arrested, convicted and imprisoned three times previous to his most recent incarceration, each time for inciting ethnic hatred in public or through his online videos.

In 2013, Martsinkevich became infamous amongst the Western LGBTQ community for his videos associated with Occupy Pedophilia, his group that used social media to lure gay men with promises of sex only to record their humiliated and physical torment on camera.

In many of his videos, Martsinkevich and his cohorts punched and slapped the gay men, forced them to strip to their underwear, shaved their heads in reverse Mohawks, painted rainbows in the sheared stripes upon their heads, forced them to hold sex toys, made them state their full names, had them utter self-denigrating statements like “I suck c*ck” and also forced them to drink urine.

In one video, Martsinkevich brandished a two-pronged fork towards a young man’s eye and told him that he could either lose his eye or be sodomized with the fork. Martsinkevich’s group claimed to have tortured over 1,500 men

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