Panic In Russia: You Can Buy ‘Gay Ice Cream’! (Putin NOT happy)

Russian ice cream maker Chistaya Liniya is in trouble for its new Rainbow Ice Cream.

The chairman of the country’s influential Union of Women has accused accused it of ‘promoting homosexuality’ after it launched the product. Yes Really.

They want Putin to ban it.

The company’s Vice President defended the treat… but was at pains to distance the symbol from any LGBT+ associations, claiming it was about “sunshine after the rain” and that he was pro “traditional values”.

So he can stick it as well!

And yes, the homophobe in chief, President Putin, has weighed in saying, “If there are reasons to believe that this is propaganda for values that are not traditional to us, then … it must be managed by society, but not aggressively,”

Eat gay ice cream, everyone! Enjoy before Putin bans it.

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