Suspended: Italian Surgeon Launches Homophobic Tirade During Surgery

An Italian surgeon has been suspended following investigation into an incident where he issued homophobic insults while operating on an LaGBT+ patient. 

Aa surgeon at Cittiglio hospital allegedly made homophobic comments while an anaethestised patient was undergoing surgery. According to Varese News, he reportedly stated, “It’s not fair that I have to waste time operating on these faggots during a time of emergency”.

A hospital employee was ordered to leave the hospital room after raising concerns over the homophobic comments .

Allegations further detailed the doctor’s behaviour; “He started to get nervous during the procedure and started insulting the patient for no reason.”

In a complaint submitted to the Varese Medical Association, the operating room’s reaction was described as “stupefied, astonished at so much verbal violence.”

The procedure ended with “nervousness and haste,” in which time the surgeon allegedly repeated his homophobic insults. 

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