The Best Places For That Dream LGBT Wedding

We might live in a Covid travel restricted world and plenty of LGBTs have embraced weddings on Zoom or smaller socially distanced ceremonies.

But why don’t we dare to dream of a time we can once again travel and when we can, think about where we can fly to get married.

More and more countries are embracing marriage equality so we are spoilt for choice.

Where can a same-sex couple tie the knot? Of course, when deciding on the place, don’t forget to check the local laws and what they say about marrying foreigners. 

Here are eight destinations that will make saying “I do” even more memorable.

1. USA

The issue of equal weddings was settled by the Supreme Court in June 2015 when judges ruled same-sex couples can marry nationwide. If it’s your dream to marry in the States, you can choose from a variety of cities and places. If you’re a history buff, maybe San Francisco will be your choice, as the Castro District has been the epicentre of American lesbian and gay culture. Then there’s, of course, New York City, a classic destination for weddings, if you enjoy museums, theatres, great food, and a bustling metropolis.

2. Spain

Spain is said to be one of the most gay-friendly countries worldwide and gay and lesbian weddings have been legal there since 2005. However, If you want to get married in Spain, at least one of the people has to be a Spanish citizen. Most of the same-sex weddings in Spain happen in Barcelona – the city famous for its open-minded attitude, and a home to the Gaixample suburb full of LGBT friendly shops, bars, and restaurants.

3. Australia

Most couples opt for Sydney and Melbourne, thanks to their metropolitan spirit and vibrant queer communities.  A country of extreme diversity and rugged beauty, Australia is the perfect destination to combine two of the most memorable occasions in your life, your wedding and honeymoon.

4. Argentina

Same-sex marriage has been legal in Argentina since 2010, making it the first Latin American country. Argentinians are friendly, welcoming and open-minded, so no wonder LGBTs flock to this country to exchange their wows. Most popular city to exchange vows is definitely the capital Buenos Aires, that seduces with its beauty, history, gastronomy, culture, and wine. Of course, don’t forget the tango – the city offers places to learn the dance, so you might even dance the tango as your first wedded couple dance!

5. Iceland

Iceland had the world’s first openly lesbian head of state and she married her partner. That’s why many lesbians and gays come to Iceland to get married and continue the country’s legacy of acceptance and celebrations. You don’t have to be a citizen if you want to get married in Iceland. Being a country with the breathtaking scenery it is, Iceland offers many backdrops for the happiest day of your life.

6. New Zealand

If you want to get married to the love of your life at the end of the world, New Zealand is the place for you. Many wineries and guest houses make for a lovely wedding venue, but of course, the country is so full of scenic locales, you can choose between tons of options. If you want to have it all on your big day – good wine, beaches, semi-deserted but gorgeously sunny place, maybe you could opt for Waiheke Island, an island just a ferry hop away from Auckland. 

7. Brazil

The country of carnivals and sexual freedoms, Brazil has legalised same-sex marriage in 2013, after it had been allowing civil unions for 9 years. Obviously, the two main cities gays flock to get married are Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, but it doesn’t mean more intimate options are not available in Brazil. Trancoso and Estrela d’Agua, for example, are beach towns that offer the loveliest coastal views and reliable LGBT-friendly hotels.

8. Martinique

The Caribbean region is not super popular for same-sex weddings, and there’s no other reason apart from them being illegal in the majority of countries and territories. However, being a French territory, Martinique stands out in this regard and offers full legal ceremonies for everyone. On the plus side: The Caribbean Sea, dreamy sandy beaches, incredible Creole cuisine. On the minus side: we couldn’t find any. Last year the island hosted its first-ever Pride, so it is possible more gayness will come to Martinique in the near future.

Love finally wins in more and more corners in the world; when the rings are in tow, relax and start planning the perfect getaway after which you will live happily ever after.

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