The Fifteen Most Dangerous Nation for LGBT+ Travellers

Just where is the most dangerous place to travel to when Covid19 is finally behind us. Insider Monkey has created the definitive list

15. St. Lucia

One of the most gorgeous places on this list, St. Lucia can turn from heaven to hell for homosexuals, with 10 years in prison for consensual buggery.

14. Barbados

One of the only non Muslim countries on this list is Barbados, where homosexual acts can lead to up to a decade in prison.

13. Malawi

Women get off comparatively easier in Malawi, though that is of course relative, to 5 years in prison against 14 for men for homosexual acts.

12. Malaysia

Malaysia has very strict anti homosexual laws, and whippings and fines are just a cherry on top of the possible 20 years in prison.

11. Sudan

Sudan would have ranked much higher in our list as it had the death penalty for homosexuals, but this was repealed just a couple of months ago, and now, has been replaced by a maximum of a life sentence. While that may not seem as amazing as no repercussions at all, it’s still a slight improvement.

10. Tanzania

If you are in Tanzania and indulge in homosexual acts, then you can face time in prison from around 30 years to even a life sentence. While it’s a stunning country to visit, if you are gay, you might want to forego your plans.

9. Somalia

While the official punishment for Somalia is ‘only’ up to 3 years in prison, which isn’t bad considering this list. However, Somalia also has a lot of militants ruling different parts, who have been known to actually impose the death penalty against homosexual acts.

8. Qatar

Qatar law imposes several years of imprisonment for such acts. However, it also has Sharia courts which can impose the death penalty.

7. Yemen

If you’re unmarried and engage in homosexuality, then you can receive a 100 lashes and one year in prison. If you’re married and do it, then a death sentence awaits you. Luckily, there are no reports of said law being enforced at this point.

6. Brunei

The tiny kindom of Brunei may have made waves by containing the coronavirus with just 145 cases and 3 deaths, there are still less appealing faucets to the kingdom, such as stoning to death for homosexual acts. While our original source somehow missed it, our up to date research ensured this was captured. Luckily once again, Brunei has backtracked on using this.

5. Mauritania

If you’re a homosexual in Mauritania but you’re a non Muslim, then you don’t have to worry. But if you’re a Muslim, then you can be sentenced to death by stoning. However, the country has a moratorium on the death penalty, and no one has been executed in this

4. Afghanistan

Afghanistan has its own implementation of the Shariah law, which allows for the death penalty against homosexuals. While it was generally not applied after the end of Taliban rule, there is a sad exception where three people were sentenced to death via wall toppling, with one managing to survive and being allowed to live.

3. Nigeria

You may find wine and pork to be plentiful in Nigeria, but homosexuality is still strictly discouraged with even its discussion forbidden. In states with Sharia law, a death sentence awaits anyone found guilty.

2. Saudi Arabia

No surprise to see Saudi Arabia on the list of the most dangerous countries for gay travelers. 100 whips or 1 year in prison is the starting sentence, while Sharia implementation can see the death penalty imposed as well. There are no confirmations on whether this has been carried out, but Saudi Arabia executes a lot of people, mostly for drug crimes, so this wouldn’t be very surprising.

1. Iran

Topping the list of the 15 most dangerous countries for gay travelers, with the death penalty imposed for such acts. Again, it’s hard to confirm how many executions have actually been carried out but there are reports of such executions taking place.

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