The Gift That Keeps Giving – The Brussels Gay Sex Party

It’s been over a week since Belgian police busted a gay sex party that contravened COVID rules in the countries capital and the hilarious and salacious news keeps coming.

So here’s what we know.

The organiser of the party used his apartment just metres from the city’s central police station and it broke strict rules on gathering at a time when local IC units were full of COVID patients. Officers saw guests entering and decided to raid it.

59-year-old József Szájer, a super conservative Member of the European Parliament who has made a litany of vile anti-LGBT+ comments was caught, quite literally, with his pants down. He escaped down a drainpipe and when caught claimed diplomatic immunity that he did not have. He has since quit as an MEP.

Two diplomats, so far unnamed, were in attendance. Rumours of judges being in the apartment have not been denied by city authorities.

When police raided the apartment several attendees thought the uniformed officers were part of the fun and immediately tried to unzip the officers’ pants.

The organiser, David Manzheley, who probably wish he had stayed out of the spotlight. He is not a 29-year-old Czech national but a 36-year-old wanted for multiple counts of fraud in Poland and now faces possible extradition.

Manzheley said the party was originally to host 10 COVID-cleared guests. However, those guests brought their own guests, and things got a bit out of hand. “Suddenly my whole living room was full of cops,” he told Brussels-based Dutch-language news outlet Het Laatste Nieuws in a separate interview.

“They immediately started shouting: ‘Identity card! Now!. But we weren’t even wearing pants, how in God’s name could we quickly conjure up our identity card?”

All attendees have been fined €250.

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