UK Gov To Ban Homophobic Chants At Football Matches

The government has announced its intention to amend law to make homophobia such as homophobic chants by the crowd an offence.

A report released by the Department for Digital, Media, Culture and Sport (DCMS) illustrated the extremely slow progress currently being made to rid the sport of homophobic behaviour, which considerably lags behind the progress made in eradicating racial discrimination. 

Football seems to have the reputation of being the least tolerant sport towards gay players and there is a conspicuous absence of professional footballers in any football division who have publicly announced that they are gay, with exception of Liam Davis of Cleethorpes Town. 

However, the lack of tolerance appears to be biased towards men’s football as ladies’ football seems to be far more accepting.

The report says: 

‘We also wish to record our dismay at the slow progress in kicking out homophobia from football.

‘The COVID-19 crisis is an opportunity to improve a number of areas within football, and to this end we will continue to pursue opportunities in this Parliament to introduce legislation outlawing homophobic chanting at matches.’

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